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Professional digital marketing of fruit and vegetables with FrachtPilot.

Bring regional freshness to your customers' homes with your fruit and vegetable delivery service.



With the Webshop, you can sell your fruit and vegetable boxes around the clock. A unique feature of FrachtPilot's webshop: subscription orders. Regular orders of your subscription crates are automated. And by setting a deadline, you ensure that you still have enough time to pack.
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Tour planning

Put your delivery stops in an optimal order in seconds with our artificial intelligence. FrachtPilot's tour planning is extremely flexible. So the planning is guaranteed to fit your delivery service. No matter whether it's a cargo bike or an e-car. Regardless of whether bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths are also to be taken into account. And the delivery app is your digital companion for deliveries in your pocket.
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Email marketing

Email marketing is the most successful channel for advertising campaigns. Personalised addresses and content are crucial for success. With FrachtPilot's email marketing function, you can compile your customers according to different criteria with one click and send mass emails with personalised addresses and content. You will be amazed at how effective personalised emails are.
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Accounting is time-consuming, but unfortunately a must. With the billing function, you have everything on board that you need for your digital accounting. In addition to the management of all common payment methods, automated tools such as invoice creation, payment reconciliation, advance VAT return and dunning help you to complete your accounting with one click.
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Mit dem Webshop kannst du deine Obst- und Gemüsekisten rund um die Uhr verkaufen. Einzigartig an dem Webshop von FrachtPilot: Abo-Bestellungen. Regelmäßige Bestellungen von deinen Abo-Kisten werden hierdurch automatisiert. Und mit der Vorgabe eines Annahmeschlusses stellst du sicher, dass du noch genügend Zeit zum Packen hast.
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Bringe deine Lieferstopps mit unserer Künstlichen Intelligenz in Sekunden in eine optimale Reihenfolge. Die Tourplanung von FrachtPilot ist dabei extrem flexibel. So passt die Planung garantiert auch zu deinem Lieferservice. Egal, ob Lastenrad, E-Auto. Egal, ob auch Fahrradstraßen und Fußgängerwege berücksichtigt werden sollen. Und die Liefer-App ist dein digitaler Begleiter bei den Auslieferungen in deiner Hosentasche.
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E-Mail-Marketing ist der erfolgreichste Kanal für Werbekampagnen. Entscheidend für den Erfolg sind personalisierte Ansprachen und Inhalte. Mit der Funktion E-Mail-Marketing von FrachtPilot kannst du mit einem Klick deine Kunden nach unterschiedlichen Kriterien zusammenstellen und Massen-E-Mails mit personalisierter Ansprache und Inhalt versenden. Du wirst erstaunt sein, wie wirksam personalisierte E-Mails sind.
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Buchführung ist zeitaufwändig, aber leider ein Muss. Mit der Funktion Abrechnung hast du alles an Board, was du für deine digitale Buchführung brauchst. Neben der Verwaltung von allen gängigen Zahlungsmethoden helfen dir automatisierte Werkzeuge wie Rechnungserstellung, Zahlungsabgleich, USt.-Voranmeldung und Mahnwesen, deine Buchführung mit einem Klick zu erledigen.
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4 reasons for FrachtPilot

  • Simple handling.
    Start the AutoPilot.

    Simple handling without IT knowledge - that's FrachtPilot. The user interface and the programme logic are designed in such a way that you can find your way around immediately. Experienced users can speed up their daily tasks through freely definable shortcuts and search shortcuts.
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  • Less office work is not possible.

    In FrachtPilot you can manage your customer groups yourself. No matter whether private customers, food retailers or corporate customers. You can set prices, invoice intervals or delivery modalities for each customer or customer group.
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  • Consider all the wishes of your customers.

    Often customers have their own wishes. Without a suitable system, chaos is pre-programmed. But not with FrachtPilot. All customer wishes can be recorded digitally. No matter whether they are order, delivery or billing requests. The respective customer requests are displayed in FrachtPilot when you need them. During the customer phone call, when packing, when delivering or when invoicing.
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Fully digital with functions from FrachtPilot.

Delivery service for fruit and vegetable boxes


FrachtPilot’s webshop is your digital market stall. Countless functions make digital selling extremely easy for you. Fully integrated into your internet domain, FrachtPilot allows you to manage your webshop with just a few clicks, without any IT knowledge. In seconds, you can publish new products, images and descriptions and maintain existing products. (learn more)


Once a customer has placed an order, the order data is automatically forwarded to the various functions in FrachtPilot. Lean back. From now on, FrachtPilot will take care of it. (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

One-time and subscription orders

In other industries, customers usually order once. But your customers usually order their fruit and vegetable boxes on a regular basis? Then FrachtPilot has just the right function for you: Subscription orders (learn more)


A subscription order has to be created by your customer once in the online shop. Alternatively, you can use a simple order mask in the backend system. Here you can freely define when a subscription order should be executed. Whether every 7 days, every 14 days, on the first day of the week, etc. Of course, subscription orders can be changed once or permanently at any time. For example, the quantity ordered can be changed once or another product can be added. Subscription orders can also be suspended or completely deactivated for periods of absence.


A subscription order has many advantages. The advantage for your customers: They have a super convenient function for their recurring orders. The advantage for you: Orders are no longer forgotten. More satisfied customers and more turnover. A real win-win situation.


And of course FrachtPilot also has all the functions for individual orders. Needless to say! (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Warehouse management with reorder function

Never again disappoint customers that a product is not available. Never again throw away overripe inventory. (learn more)


FrachtPilot gives you digital control over your inventory management. Use FrachtPilot for an automatic comparison of your warehouse stock with your current and future customer orders. Use freely definable reorder levels to be informed in good time about low stock levels. Use FrachtPilot to book out shortages and book in new goods with one click.


And of course FrachtPilot automatically calculates the necessary replenishment quantities. So you only have to order the right quantities from your suppliers.(learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Tour planning

Fruit and vegetables. Regional. Delivered directly to your home. A delivery service for fruit and vegetables is more popular than ever. An absolute trend!


But a delivery service also means: taking customers’ desired delivery time slots, vehicle capacities, maximum driving times and much more into account. And putting together new delivery tours every day. To sum up: A delivery service means a lot of time in the office.


Good that there is the planning function in FrachtPilot. With this function, FrachtPilot allows you to generate time- and cost-optimised delivery tours in seconds with just one click. The artificial intelligence of the tour planning takes into account all conceivable requirements in a highly flexible way. No matter whether vehicle capacities (volume and weight), driving times, desired delivery times, fixed delivery areas, expected traffic situations, and much more. (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Delivery app

Use the FrachtPilot delivery app (learn more) on your delivery rounds. From now on, you no longer have to spend time in the office following up on your deliveries. As a digital companion, you have everything you need in your pocket. Intuitive to use, the delivery app allows you to save a super amount of time. Picking and real-time navigation. Everything is completely digital.


With the digital delivery note in the delivery app, you can adjust every customer order on the spot in seconds. No matter whether you want to change ordered quantities, enter new order items or delete existing order items. After receipt, your customer can confirm the delivery with a finger signature. You can also take a photo of the delivery location. Of course, you can also collect the order on the spot. All common payment methods (PayPal, EC and credit card and cash payment) are supported by the delivery app. (learn more)


The delivery app is an Android app and can therefore be used on any Android device. Regardless of whether it is a mobile phone or tablet. Of course, the delivery app can also be used offline without network reception. From now on, you are no longer in digital uncharted territory.


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Accounting and advance VAT return

With the invoicing function of FrachtPilot you have your accounting under control with just a few clicks. With individual and collective invoices, you can invoice either one delivery or several deliveries. Of course, you decide how many deliveries are grouped together under a collective invoice. Don’t spend hours creating invoices. In FrachtPilot, all invoices are created automatically with one click. (learn more)


Whether a customer has paid his invoice or not has to be recorded. Save yourself the time-consuming and error-prone manual comparison of payments and invoices. In FrachtPilot you can use the automatic payment reconciliation function to compare all your customers’ payments with the open invoices. And if an invoice has not been paid or has only been paid in part, you are informed directly by FrachtPilot.(learn more)


Outstanding debts are annoying. It’s even more annoying if you have to spend a lot of time dealing with them: Checking payment terms, sending payment reminders and writing reminders. Annoying. With FrachtPilot you can take care of your outstanding receivables with one click. Once you have set up customer-specific payment targets, payment reminders and reminder levels, FrachtPilot continuously shows you outstanding receivables. With one click you can send individually formulated payment reminders and dunning letters. It couldn’t be simpler.(learn more)


Preparing the advance VAT return is also time-consuming. And it is also cost-intensive if you let your tax advisor do the preparation. Save yourself unnecessary work and money. Let FrachtPilot do the preparation of the advance VAT return for you. Via data exports in the usual formats(DATEV, ADNOVA, NLB, CSV)you can complete your advance VAT return with one click. (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information (learn more)

Your direct marketing can do more:

FrachtPilot is the software for any industry that sells food regionally.

Milk, cheese, yogurt & co.

Meat & Butchery

Breweries & beverage distributors

Eggs & poultry

Bread & rolls

Fruit & vegetable

Deine Direktvermarktung kann mehr:

FrachtPilot ist die Software für jede Branche, die Lebensmittel regional verkauft.

Milch, Käse, Joghurt & Co.

Fleisch & Metzgerware

Brauereien & Getränkehändler

Eier & Geflügel

Brot & Brötchen

Obst- & Gemüsekiste

You don’t find yourself here? FrachtPilot is a true all-rounder and certainly suitable for your industry.
We will be happy to discuss how FrachtPilot fits you in a consultation.

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