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Production and sale of your dairy products.



Buy from your Webshop 24/7. Of course, your customers can also manage their contact details in the online shop and have access to their previous delivery notes and bills. By setting an order deadline, you can ensure that you still have enough time to pack.
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Subscription orders

Subscription orders in FrachtPilot allow you to easily offer recurring orders. Order intervals can be created flexibly and, of course, also paused. So orders are never forgotten again. Once created, you only have to deliver them.
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EU school scheme

Would you like to participate in the EU School Milk/School Fruit Scheme? But you don't want the administrative hassle? From now on no problem! FrachtPilot creates all the necessary documents for you. Access an attractive sales market, avoid the high bureaucratic effort.
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Different payment options

As a milk supplier, you have many different customers. Make the payment as comfortable as possible for your customers. Offer your customers different payment options. Whether it's SEPA direct debit, bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or cash payment. Your customers will love it.
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Im Online-Shop rund um die Uhr bei dir einkaufen. Natürlich können deine Kunden im Online-Shop auch ihre Kontaktdaten verwalten und haben Zugriff auf ihre bisherigen Lieferscheine und Rechnungen. Stelle über die Vorgabe eines Bestellschlusses sicher, dass du noch genug Zeit zum Packen hast.
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Mit Abo-Bestellungen in FrachtPilot kannst du wiederkehrende Bestellungen ganz einfach anbieten. Bestellintervalle lassen sich flexibel anlegen und natürlich auch pausieren. So werden Bestellungen nie mehr vergessen. Einmal angelegt, musst du sie nur noch ausliefern.
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Du möchtest am EU-Schulprogramm Schulmilch / -obst teilnehmen?
Scheust aber den Verwaltungsaufwand? Ab jetzt kein Problem mehr! FrachtPilot generiert dir alle notwendigen Dokumente. Erschließe einen attraktiven Absatzmarkt, vermeide den hohen bürokratischen Aufwand.
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unterschiedliche Zahlungsmethoden

Als Milchlieferant hast du viele unterschiedliche Kunden. Mach deinen Kunden das Bezahlen so angenehm wie möglich. Biete deinen Kunden unterschiedliche Zahlungsmethoden an. Egal ob SEPA-Lastschrift, Überweisung, PayPal, Kreditkarte oder Barzahlung. Deine Kunden werden es lieben.    
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4 reasons for FrachtPilot

  • Automated data import. Jump right in.

    Your existing customer and product master data, subscription orders and delivery routes can be automatically imported into FrachtPilot. This enables you to switch from your old software to FrachtPilot on the fly. (learn more)

Let FrachtPilot do your office work.

Direct marketing Milk | Cheese | Yoghurt​

Single and subscription orders

FrachtPilot supports you in the daily recording of customer orders. Single as well as subscription orders are possible. Especially with subscription orders, you can greatly simplify your order taking for regular customer orders. Once created, your customers’ orders are automatically generated by FrachtPilot. Of course, FrachtPilot also allows order changes and pauses for subscription orders. (learn more)


And your customers can manage their subscription orders themselves via the online shop This saves you an enormous amount of time every day in taking orders.(learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Customer groups

Combine your customers into customer groups and reduce your administrative workload. For each customer group, you can centrally set the items that can be bought as well as the associated sales prices, discounts, delivery charges and payment deadlines. (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Selling prices

Different selling prices for an item are common. Unfortunately, it is very time-consuming to keep an eye on which customer gets which item at which price for which order quantity.(learn more)


This is very easy with FrachtPilot. In addition to generally valid sales prices, graduated prices and discounts, you can also quickly and easily define your own selling prices, graduated prices and discounts for each customer group and each customer. This ensures that the correct invoiced amount is always calculated automatically for each customer. (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (mehr erfahren)

Warehouse management with filling planning

In direct milk marketing, a lot of tasks have to be done every day in the cold store. The best-before date (BBD) has to be checked constantly. During order picking, a distinction must be made between bulk orders and individual orders so that time-consuming bulk orders can be pre-packed separately.


And to save time when packing, the items on the packing lists must be sorted according to their storage location. Finally, of course, the quantities to be filled for the dairy has to be planned continuously, taking into account the warehouse stock and the future order quantities.


Good thing there is the merchandise management system in FrachtPilot. All tasks in the cold store are digitalised and automated. From now on, you have full control over your cold store. (mehr erfahren)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (mehr erfahren)

Milk delivery service

Milk delivery services have a long tradition and are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, having your own milk delivery service also involves a lot of extra work: Customers have to be grouped into delivery tours in a time- and cost-optimal way.


The shortest possible routes have to be found. Deposit deliveries and returns have to be recorded. Delivery instructions from customers have to be taken into account. Customers want different information on their delivery notes. Order changes and payments must be recorded on site and documented with signatures.


From now on, FrachtPilot does the extra work! With tour planning (learn more) you can plan your delivery tours in a time- and cost-optimised manner. And with the delivery app (learn more) the entire delivery process becomes a breeze.


PS: Check out our help center for more information.(learn more)


Actually, accounting should be a joy. Because the efforts are rewarded!


Unfortunately, billing means writing and sending countless invoices. Invoices for individuals as well as collective invoices. Consider the desired invoice format of the customers. Paying attention to correct sales prices, rebates, discounts and delivery charges. Match payments with receivables. Keep an eye on payment terms. Write reminders for payment arrears and reminders. Phew.


But: From now on, billing will be fun. That’s a promise! Because FrachtPilot takes care of all that for you with the billing function. (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (mehr erfahren)

EU school scheme

The EU school scheme is a very interesting sales channel. However, it is connected with additional bureaucratic effort. The reason is that different proofs of delivery have to be submitted depending on the federal state in order to receive funding.


Good that FrachtPilot exists. In FrachtPilot, you can have the necessary proofs of delivery created automatically!


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

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