Customer orders

Trail- | Single- | Subscription-order

You can create trial, single and subscription orders super fast in FrachtPilot.

Both the compact input mask and many automatic functions help you to enter orders in seconds. From now on, you type the order faster than the customer can tell you.

  • Create once

    Once created, your orders are managed automatically by FrachtPilot. From picking to parcel shipping, self-collection and route planning, sending delivery bills and invoices to archiving. All work steps run automatically.

  • Trail- | Single- |

    In addition to one-time customer orders, FrachtPilot offers trial and subscription orders. With trial orders you create attention. With subscription orders you increase the order frequency. For you, this means higher sales.

  • Prices, deposit, delivery fees and more

    When you enter an order, FrachtPilot calculates the appropriate sales prices and automatically adds deposit items, day-based delivery charges, the quantity of transport boxes needed, and much more. This way you save valuable time and money.

All functions you need:

Order management

Keep track of your incoming orders from all sales channels. Whether from the online store (learn more), from the fax or from the phone (learn more).


FrachtPilot is your control center, where all your orders land, can be processed and evaluated. (learn more)


PS: You can find more information in our Help Center. (learn more)

Fast input & full flexibility

Need to quickly enter your customers’ phone orders or record long orders via fax?


The order entry screen in FrachtPilot is designed for speed: Use search shortcuts to find items in a flash. Of course, you can also reuse orders by copying them. (learn more)


PS: You can find more information in our Help Center. (learn more)

Configurable label printing

You want the right labels for your orders and transport containers? Welcome to FrachtPilot!


In FrachtPilot you can freely design your labels using templates. You determine how the labels look like and what information is printed on the labels.


Best of all, in FrachtPilot you can freely configure how many and which products can be packed together. For example, you can ensure that your frozen products are not packed together with your fresh products.

PS: You can find more information in our Help Center. (learn more)

Trial orders

Trial orders are THE marketing tool. Convince interested customers of your products and service.

With FrachtPilot you can determine with one click which of your products can be ordered in which quantities at a discount or for free with an initial order. More advertising is not possible.

Subscription orders

Subscription orders allow you to create regular orders once and then have them generated automatically by FrachtPilot. You can flexibly define the time interval. (learn more)


The advantage for your customers: They will never forget an order. Your advantage: Higher order frequency and therefore more sales. And in the online store, your customers can easily create, change and pause their subscription orders themselves. (learn more)


PS: You can find more information in our Help Center. (learn more)

Automatic delivery bills

In FrachtPilot, a delivery bill is automatically generated for every order. No matter if the order comes from the online store (learn more), from the fax or from the phone. (learn more)


What this means for you: no more writing delivery bills!

Customized products and prices

Decide with one click which products are blocked for some customers. For example, you can specify that only business customers can order bulk containers directly from you. And if a private customer wants to order bulk containers? No problem, FrachtPilot gives you a hint when you enter the order. (learn more)


Of course, you can also set individual prices for each customer. One-time or permanent. And of course, discounts via graduated prices and cash discounts are also possible. (learn more)


PS: You can find more information in our Help Center. (learn more)

Automatic calculation of empties and deposit boxes

You use a deposit system (empties and transport boxes), but are charged different deposit prices depending on the customer?


No problem! In FrachtPilot you can define different deposit prices for your deposit system per customer. You can even specify how many empties fit into a deposit box. For each order, FrachtPilot then automatically calculates the resulting quantities of deposit deliveries and returns for your empties and deposit boxes. (learn more)


PS: You can find more information in our Help Center. (learn more)

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