Your cockpit to success

Use interactive analyses and key figures in the dashboard for the best possible overview.

. Understand your business better and react early to inconsistencies.

  • Data - your new gold

    Design the future from the data of the past. In FrachtPilot, you can query and compare key figures on sales, turnover, order behavior and much more at any time.

  • Forecasts and analyses

    Use forecasts and analyses in FrachtPilot. View which customers have not yet ordered. With one click, you can decide whether customers should receive an order reminder via push message to their cell phone or via email.

  • Export & Import

    Want to analyze your data yourself? You can export all important data as an Excel file at any time and analyze it as you wish. Using import functions you can automatically import all your previous customer data into FrachtPilot.

All functions you need:


In the overview you will find all central information for your daily business graphically presented. In addition to your current orders and sales, you can see the current availability of your products and the status of your delivery tours.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)


Under Tours, you can view the delivery history for current and historical tours (learn more). And if your drivers use the FrachtPilot app (learn more), you can track their whereabouts live – on a map or on a timeline:

Cockpit Touren


Tour overview on map.

Cockpit Touren Liste1

Tour overview on the timeline.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)


Under Marketing, you can create selections for any time period that group your customers according to different criteria. For these customer groups, you can then carry out targeted marketing measures by e-mail.


For example, you can create a query for customers who have not ordered from you for a long time. You can then use the mass email function in FrachtPilot to send these customers a freely configurable email as a reminder with just one click.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Customer sales

Under Customer Turnover you can create reports about the turnover of your customers for any period of time. Group them by customer groups, delivery dates and payment methods. This way, you can keep an eye on your customers’ sales trends at all times.

Product sales

Under product sales you can evaluate the sales figures of your products for any period of time. Group them freely according to product groups, delivery dates and payment methods. Keep an eye on the sales development of your products at any time.


Under Batches you can evaluate and track the sold batches of your products. So you can see at a glance which customers have bought which batches from you at what time. (learn more)


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Subscription orders

Under Subscription Orders, you can see how many orders your customers have placed in each subscription and what sales are associated with the subscriptions. (learn more)


This way you can easily find out which customers regularly shop with you but do not yet have a subscription. Use this information to convince customers of the benefits of a subscription order and to secure constant sales. (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Missing day orders

Under missing daily orders you can see how likely your customers are to order what value of goods on future days, but have not yet ordered. Use this information to decide whether to actively contact your customers about forgotten orders.   

Open invoices

Never forget an open invoice again. This report lists all customers who still have outstanding invoices.


See at a glance the number of open invoices, the sum of the outstanding amounts and the due date. 


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Export of operating data

You want to export your company data to create your own analyses?


No problem with FrachtPilot. You can export all customer and sales data as a CSV file with one click. This way you can perform your individual business analyses at any time.


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Export tax data

Finally, compile all your financial data with one click.


With FrachtPilot you can manage all your relevant accounting data in a suitable chart of accounts. With one click, you can compile the accounting data and send it to your tax advisor. And in all possible file formats. No matter if DATEV, NLB, ADNOVA, CSV, Excel, or or or. This way, your tax advisor saves time-consuming work and you save money.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

All reports can be customized with different filters (e.g. time, customer group, payment method) and a free text search. This way, you only see the data that interests you.

PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

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