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Basic functions

The core of FrachtPilot. With the basic functions you start your digital farm store. You have the ability to manage inventory and create, manage and archive invoices online. These functions save you time, paper and money. And your previous customer and product data is available to you in seconds via an automatic import function.   

FrachtPilot RestFul-API

Online shop

With your FrachtPilot online store, you can attract new customers and increase sales. And best of all, your customers can easily manage themselves in the online store. This way, you also save on administrative work.



With the Cockpit, you have an overview of your direct marketing at all times. With interactive data analyses and key figures, you can better understand your business and identify inconsistencies at an early stage. 



With FrachtPilot, you can manage your orders more easily than ever before. Whether single or subscription orders.


Tour planning

The route planning brings your delivery service up to speed. From now on, you’ll never take a detour again, but always take the fastest route to the customer.


Delivery app

Your entire delivery route on your cell phone. From now on, you’ll never forget an order again. You can record changes and exceptions digitally on the spot. And it all works even without cell phone reception.


Merchandise management

Manage your inventory and batches centrally. Automatically calculate replenishment quantities for your inventory.



Automatically create single and collective invoices. Let FrachtPilot assign your incoming payments to open invoices. Use the dunning system to claim overdue payments. Prepare your advance VAT return with FrachtPilot.


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Here you can get to know the FrachtPilot in action:

FrachtPilot Kunde Biohof Stähr Direktvermarktung Milch Ziegenmilch Lieferservice Logo

Biohof Stähr

In HOFDirekt you can find out how the Biohof Stähr has completelym digitalized its eveyday office life with FrachtPilot.

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FrachtPilot Kunde Direktvermarktung Milch Fleisch Demeter Hradetzky Anja Stolze Kuh Logo

Hof Stolze Kuh

"To make it profitable for us, the programme has to take away at least 20 working hours a month and it is already doing that easily.“
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FrachtPilot Kunde Große Kintrup Milchhof Direktvermarktung Milch Lieferservice Molkerei Logo

Milchhof Große Kintrup

Digitalizsation in the heart of Münsterland: At Milchhof Große Kintrup, the office is now digital.

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