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With FrachtPilot you have everything under control.

Don't spend more hours in the office - let FrachtPilot do the work with one click.

  • Automatic invoice reconciliation

    From now on, time-consuming invoice reconciliation is a thing of the past. Just let FrachtPilot match the received payments on your bank account with the outstanding invoices.

  • Individual dunning system

    Design your own reminder system. Decide for yourself how often, at what intervals, with what address and what reminder amounts outstanding invoices are reminded.

All functions you need:


Make it as easy as possible. Instead of creating each invoice individually, in FrachtPilot you can convert the delivery bills of your orders (learn more) into invoices with one click.


You decide for which period, for which customers and for which delivery an invoice should be created. It couldn’t be easier!


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Settlement interval

You want to allow your customers different billing intervals? No problem with FrachtPilot. Decide flexibly whether an individual invoice is to be issued for each order or whether several orders are to be combined into a collective invoice.


No matter if weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or irregularly. Of course, you can also define the billing interval individually for each customer.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Payment methods

Make payment as convenient as possible for your customers. Offer your customers different payment methods. With FrachtPilot you can offer all common payment methods.


Whether PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit, bank transfer, cash payment. Your customers will love it.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)


Want to automatically add a QR code to your invoices for digital payments? No problem with FrachtPilot!


In FrachtPilot you can automatically generate a QR code for each invoice and automatically print it on each invoice. This way, all payment information is digitally stored on the corresponding invoice. For you and your customers, this means convenient, automated and efficient payment processing.

Account system

In FrachtPilot you can quickly and easily define a chart of accounts as you need it. This way you can use the account structure that you and your tax advisor consider useful. In the chart of accounts, of course, each customer has its own clearing account.


This way, all payment flows are neatly documented. And for each customer, you can see at a glance how high their account balance is and which invoices are paid or unpaid.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Bank reconciliation

You still check yourself whether all your customers have transferred their invoices? Save yourself the time! Simply upload your electronic bank statement (Camt file) to FrachtPilot. The rest will take care of itself.


The outstanding invoice amounts of your customers are automatically matched with the incoming payments on your bank account. Even split bookings are possible. This means that your customers transfer one amount for several invoices. The FrachtPilot automatically splits the transfer amount between the open invoices.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Credits and reversal invoices

Cancel invoices? Credit returns? No problem. With FrachtPilot you can completely cancel an invoice with one click and create the corresponding cancellation invoice. You can also easily create credit notes.


Best of all, you can quickly and easily track all historical payment flows via the respective customer account. This means that any uncertainties about payment histories are a thing of the past.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Center invoice recipient

Do you have customers who have a central invoice recipient? For example, does a corporate headquarters want you to send them one invoice for all the supermarkets they supply? No problem. With FrachtPilot, central invoice recipients are possible.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Payment targets

The law stipulates that a delay in payment occurs after 30 days. Your customers therefore usually have a payment term of 30 days – regardless of whether they are B2C customers or B2B customers. B2B customers, however, usually negotiate an individual payment term with you. In order to be able to send reminders in due time in the event of late payment, the payment term granted must be explicitly stated on the invoice.


Good thing there’s FrachtPilot! Because: In FrachtPilot, you can store the appropriate payment target for all customers. FrachtPilot then automatically displays the appropriate payment term on the respective invoice. Of course, FrachtPilot also shows you when the respective invoice is due.


Unfortunately, as different as your customers’ orders are, their payment behavior is often just as varied. Overdue invoices are annoying. Even more annoying is the extra work involved in writing payment reminders or dunning letters. However, it is crucial for a successful dunning process not to treat every customer the same. There are customers who should be reminded vigorously. And there are customers for whom you should first issue a friendly payment reminder.


No problem with FrachtPilot. Decide for yourself at what intervals the customer should receive a payment reminder or reminder and what the corresponding address should be.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Individuell Documentdesign

In FrachtPilot you can define a template for each document. No matter if packing list, delivery bill, invoice, letter, and and and. You can freely design each template. You decide which design, which data and which additional texts are used. And that for each customer individually, if necessary.

For example, you can specify that all delivery bills should have no sales prices. Or you can print a coupon code on the invoice for a certain period of time to selected customers.

PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Turnover tax advance return

The advance VAT return – a recurring task that takes a lot of time to prepare. But even more money if it’s not you, but your tax consultant who has to do the preparation. Save money with FrachtPilot.


With FrachtPilot you can transfer all relevant accounting data in the appropriate chart of accounts to your tax advisor. The appropriate data format is of course also included. No matter if DATEV, NLB, ADNOVA, CSV, Excel and more.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

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