Merchandise management

Your merchandise management is now completely under control.

Inventory management couldn't be easier.

Never lose track of your inventory again and save time and money.

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  • Batch tracking

    With batch tracking, you can always see which customer has received which batch. You can also keep an eye on the best-before date.

  • Reporting

    When your stock is running low, you will automatically receive a notice. This way you can be sure that you don't run out of anything you would like to sell.

  • Replacement quantities

    Automatically calculate your replacement quantities for your optimal stock level. Of course, your future orders will be taken into account. Stay in stock at all times with FrachtPilot.

All the functions you need

Label printing

Do you want to automatically print packaging labels for your products? Or do you want to automatically print order labels for your deliveries?


No problem with FrachtPilot!


In FrachtPilot you can have packaging and order labels printed automatically. You decide which design and which information is printed on the labels.


And best of all: FrachtPilot automatically calculates which products fit into which packaging. You can determine which packaging combinations are allowed. For example, you can prevent fresh products from being combined with frozen products.

Inventory planning

Define safety stocks and be informed immediately via the cockpit as soon as products in the warehouse need to be restocked.


Let FrachtPilot calculate your replenishment quantities automatically for your optimal warehouse stock and combine them into order lists. You decide the level of detail at which the replenishment quantities are calculated. Per supplier, per product, per order, or or or. Of course, your future orders (learn more) are also taken into account.


PS: Check out our help center for more information (learn more)

Batch tracking

With the batch tracking function in FrachtPilot, you can always keep an eye on which goods have been delivered to which customers.


Let FrachtPilot manage your batches and batch numbers. The batch number of the delivered batch is automatically printed on the delivery note and the invoice. From now on, don’t worry about the traceability of your products. (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Stocks & Shelf Life

Continuously track the development of your stock levels in the dashboard. Check the best-before date (BBD) of your products and minimize costly rejects. (learn more)


PS: Check out our help center for more information (learn more)

Availability of goods in the online shop

Decide for yourself whether the available stock of your products is displayed in the FrachtPilot online shop. This way, your customers can always see how much they can still buy. As soon as a product is sold out, it is still displayed in the online shop, but can no longer be purchased.


Alternatively, you can set in FrachtPilot that products are always available in the online shop. Regardless of their actual stock. This way you can accept orders for products that are only sold out for a short time. (learn more)

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