Tour planning


Tour planning

FrachtPilot makes your route planning flexible and fast. Our modern algorithms

enable optimal results even with 100+ stops. So you save important time and valuable fuel.

  • Customer-friendly

    Consider the wishes of your customers in the tour optimization. No matter whether delivery time windows, delivery requests, road conditions or or.

  • Customizable

    Decide for yourself whether your tours should be compiled in a cost-optimized way or whether fixed delivery areas should be maintained. FrachtPilot fulfills every one of your planning wishes.

  • Flexible

    From bicycles to 40-ton trucks, FrachtPilot ensures that you get the shortest permissible route suggested. Loading capacities and maximum driving times are also taken into account.

All functions you need:

Route planning

Plan your daily tours according to demand based on daily orders and subscription orders. Three planning variants are possible in FrachtPilot: 1) Manual planning, 2) Planning with fixed delivery areas, 3) Cost-optimized planning.


No matter which planning variant you choose, you will always be informed about all resulting key figures. This gives you direct insight into the resulting tour lengths, the required driving times and vehicle utilization.


Manual planning

With this planning option, you organize your tours yourself. The FrachtPilot compiles a list of all customers with an order for the delivery day. Now you can arrange your tours either on an interactive map or by sorting the customer list.


Planning with fixed delivery areas

With this planning variant, you specify your delivery areas once. The FrachtPilot then plans the optimal tour within the respective delivery area. Advantage: Fixed delivery areas provide regularity and structure for your customers and your drivers. Disadvantage: Your tours are not cost-optimal and you therefore do not exhaust the maximum possible savings potential.


Cost-optimal planning

With this planning variant, you achieve the maximum savings potential. Simply release the available vehicles at the beginning of the planning. The FreightPilot does the rest within seconds. The result: tours with which you save maximum driving time and fuel.


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)

Targets and adjusting screws

The optimization in FrachtPilot helps you to make your tours more efficient and customer-friendly. The planning calculates your optimal tours for the target parameters route and time. In FrachtPilot, you can determine yourself which parameters are taken into account in route planning. Just as it suits your business.

Route (target value)
First of all, the route should be short. This not only saves fuel and wear and tear costs, but also automatically saves the next target: time.

Time (target size)
FrachtPilot plans your routes in such a way that you get from customer to customer as quickly as possible. The current traffic volume can also be taken into account, so that you spend as little time as possible in traffic jams.

Capacity (set screw)
Your vehicles should not be overloaded. Therefore, FrachtPilot can plan your tours in such a way that the permissible total weight and the load volume of your vehicles are not exceeded.

Delivery time window (set screw)
Some of your customers want to be delivered only at certain times? No problem. The route planning in FrachtPilot can take this into account and thus create planning security for you and your customers.

Local conditions (adjusting screw)
Do you have customers who should only be served by certain vehicles? For example LEH only with tail lift. Or do you want your drivers to stop directly at the customer on the right side of the road without having to cross the street? The route planning in FrachtPilot can also take this into account.


Preparing all documents for a tour is time-consuming. Let FrachtPilot create your tour documents with just one click! Decide for yourself if you want to print out the tour documents or if you prefer to have them in digital form. 


We provide the following documents automatically for each tour. See also our driver app module.

  • Pick list
  • Shipping labels per packaging and transport container
  • Delivery bills
  • Invoices
  • Tour plan
  • Checklist
  • Delivery confirmation school milk (if necessary on the tour)


PS: In our help center you will find more information. (learn more)


FrachtPilot supports any number of vehicles as well as vehicles of any type. 


For example, if you use a cargo bike to deliver your orders, the route planning will take into account the weight and volume you specify as well as roads accessible only to bicycles (keyword: road bollards).


On the other hand, FrachtPilot will not guide your truck through truck-restricted roads on the planned tours.


PS: In our help center you can find more information. (learn more)

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