Perfect delivery app with scan function

Deliver like the professionals

With the FrachtPilot delivery app, you can follow your tours completely digitally. Simply download your tours to your smartphone or tablet with one click.

From then on, you have everything in your pocket, even offline.

  • Navigation

    Let yourself be guided precisely to your customers by voice and Google Maps. And if the order of the stops doesn't suit you, no problem! You can change the order as you like. The resulting additional kilometres and times are displayed immediately.

  • Digital delivery note with scanner

    Customise customer orders directly on site with the delivery app. Of course, you can scan barcodes directly from the app. You can also view the account balance of the respective customer and book payments (cash, EC and credit card payments).

  • Delivery confirmation

    Your customer can sign the delivery directly on the smartphone. If your customer is not there, you can simply take a photo of the delivery location. Signature and photo are immediately recorded on the delivery note.

All the functions you need

Android app

Account balances, delivery information, packing lists, tour information, barcode scanner, order entry, cash register and real-time navigation.


With the FrachtPilot delivery app, you have all the information on your delivery route at your fingertips. All you need is a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with Android 8 or newer. Suitable devices are already available for less than 100 euros.


PS: Check out our help center for more information (learn more)

Digital delivery note

No more error-prone reworking in the office! Easily adjust the delivery note during delivery with the delivery app. You can document shortages, additional items to the original order (learn more) and deposit returns directly. This way you can’t forget anything.


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Barcode scanner

Scan all 1D barcodes with the delivery app. This allows you to quickly and easily add deposit returns or new items to a customer order on the spot.


Does the barcode contain further information about the product? For example, the sales weight? Great! Of course, the delivery app can also record this information automatically.


It doesn’t get any faster or more precise than this!

Order entry

A customer orders spontaneously during your tour? No problem!


In the delivery app, you can edit existing orders as well as easily enter new orders. You”ll never forget an order again. It couldn’t be easier or faster!

Continue working offline

Whether with or without a mobile data connection: The FrachtPilot delivery app continues to work and synchronises when an internet connection is available again. From now on, you don’t have to worry about dead spots!


PS: Check out our help center for more information (learn more)

Documentation of delivery - photo & signature

Do you want to be on the safe side and document the delivery? Just let your customer sign on the mobile device with their finger or take a photo of the delivery location. Everything is automatically recorded on the delivery note.


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Delivery instructions and notes

Save important delivery information for your customers. This way you have all the important information ready at hand for every delivery. Of course, you can also enter notes about the customer or future orders during delivery. Change requests will never get lost again.


PS: Check out our help center for more information. (learn more)

Delivery note and invoice by mail

If requested, the customer can receive his delivery note or invoice by e-mail or fax directly after delivery. This way you can bill your customers promptly without paper chaos and don’t have to wait till the end of the month.


PS: Check out our help center for more information (learn more)


Your drivers don’t speak German? No problem! Our delivery app is multilingual.


The delivery app automatically uses the language in the menu navigation that the mobile phone in each case uses. No more delivery errors because your driver had language difficulties!

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